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We live in probably the greatest era for self-expression, at no other time in history has it been possible for any individual to just pick up a microphone or a camera and reach millions of people, It is truly remarkable what we are capable of achieving with very little capital nowadays.

However, the social landscape has become very competitive. It is very hard to get in front of the people who will actually love what you create. This is where Audiograms come in, there are many tactics you are likely using to market your podcast but audiograms are very effective and underutilized.

What is an Audiogram?

Gif image of a Podcast Audiogram
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If you have been using Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed short video clips that tease a recently released podcast episode, they usually contain the logo of the podcast and an audio waveform that moves in sync with the audio and sometimes they have a written transcript going with the audio as well. If you have come across these then you know what podcast audiograms are. They are basically short audio clips that have been turned into video for the purposes of sharing on platforms that don't accept audio only e.g Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c.

What are the features of an Audiogram?

There are a lot of easy ways to combine audio and image to create a video so what makes audiograms so special? Audiograms are more engaging because they allow for a lot more creativity.

You can add your logo to an audiogram, you can add the name of the episode in a variety of textual styles, the photo of the host and/ guest, you can add visual effects to both your text and images to affect how they enter and appear throughout the video, you can also add animations to your images and simulate movement, you can add a running transcript and add an animated version of your logo to remind people of your brand. There are a lot of ways to really personalize your audiograms and make them very engaging.

How does an Audiogram help my podcast?

Audiograms are a huge part of the podcast marketer’s toolbox. They are perfect for extending the reach of your show on social media and keeping returning listeners interested. Creating short teasers of some of the best parts of your episodes and posting once per day on different platforms will increase your listener count, People are more likely to listen to your show if they either hear an engaging snippet or read an enticing description. With an audiogram, you can combine both, while also adding dynamic visuals, music and even sound effects.

People also tend to scroll through social feeds with no sound on and adding a transcript to your audiogram ensures that they are engaged by it even with no sound on, it also helps extend your show to those who are hard of hearing which is perfect if you are also releasing your show with well-written Show Notes that include a full written transcript. Audiograms are also a great way to broaden the scope of your show onto video sites like Youtube if you only release audio.

How can I get started?

There are multiple ways to approach making your own audiograms depending on your video editing proficiency and your time. I will list some options below:-


You can just go the manual route, If you are good at using video editors like Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas pro, it will take some time but you will be able to create some very polished audiograms.

Online platforms

The second option still requires doing some work but using some helpful online platforms that were designed specifically for audiogram production. You can just upload your audio and logo then adjust everything until you get the desired result, some of these platforms even offer other features like auto social posting, e.t.c so they are definitely worth checking out. The ones I have used personally are Headliner, Wavve and Audiogram. Check out this post for more details.


Your third option is combining the features on the online editing platforms with some extra editing in your video editor to create some really eye-catching audiograms that are sure to grab the attention of anyone who stumbles onto them. Check out this amazing tutorial.

Podcast Production Companies

This is good for anyone who wants the very best looking audiograms but may not have the technical know-how or the time to craft them manually.

Starting with Freelancers - There are a lot of very talented freelancers online on sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fivver who can do the work for you and offer different price options depending on your particular needs.

Podcast editing and hosting sites like also offer these services as well.

Audiogum offers a standalone dynamic audiogram creation package for $15 which includes, 5 clips to post on social media the recommended once per working day. The clips come in 3 sizes, landscape which is perfect for websites and youtube, square which is perfect for Instagram and Twitter and tall which is great for stories, Snapchat and TikTok posts. You also have the option to add sound effects, music, animations to the hosts or guests e.t.c so that your Audiogram is as dynamic and engaging as possible.


Audiograms area fantastic way to get a lot more listens for your episodes. They are relatively easy to create and the benefit is well worth the effort. Start making yours today let us know how it goes, comment below and feel free to send us a message Here if you have any questions or suggestions.

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