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The first thing your listeners hear before they grasp your content is your Audio and for a lot of people the quality of your Audio decides instantly whether or not they are gonna give your podcast a chance, Worry about making great content but don't lose listeners because of sub-par audio, let us worry about that. 

Our podcast services cover all the key aspects of making your recordings broadcast ready i.e

  • Removing mistakes ("ahs", "Ums", "pauses")

  • Removing background noise (White noise, pink or brown noise, hum e.t.c)

  • Removing specific noise e.g a dog barking in the background, a bird, fire alarm e.t.c

  • Removing empty spaces

  • De-essing, De-clicks and Pops

  • Removing or adding reverb

  • Ambience matching audio recorded in different places

  • Removing any clipping on the audio

  • Compression to make sure the volume levels stay consistent throughout the audio

  • Using EQ to make sure everything sounds clean and clear

  • Gain staging to bring the audio volume to broadcast standards for apple, spotify e.t.c

  • Plus any other special edits we may need to make depending on your audio.

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We create dynamic Audiograms for you.

we can add sound effects, music, animations e.t.c so that your Audiogram is as dynamic and engaging as possible.

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Podcast show notes are one of the most effective ways to make your podcast more professional and to greatly optimize your episodes for SEO. The services we offer include.

  • Full episode transcription

  • Summary writing

  • Keyword writing with time stamps

  • Writing up the resources and links section

  • Creating social media quotes to post in either written form or as images with your logo

  • Turning the summary into long-form content i.e a blog post

  • Our SEO experts will arrange the notes in such a way that you are more likely to rank high in search algorithms for the content you are discussing

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In a perfect world, we would just record our audio and be good to go but sadly we tend to have a host of issues that occur no matter how careful we are when we record. Luckily the team at AudioGum has the tools and experience to tackle even the worst audio. 

  • Removing background noise (White noise, pink or brown noise, hum e.t.c)

  • Removing specific noise e.g a dog barking in the background, a bird, fire alarm e.t.c

  • Removing or controlling breaths

  • Removing crackle

  • Removing background hum

  • Removing clicks

  • De-essing

  • Removing Plosives

  • Fixing any clipping audio

  • Removing or adding Reverb

  • Removing wind or leaf rustle

  • Isolating dialogue from music

  • Fixing audio that's been compressed

  • Matching EQ or Reverb

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Whether you are a Vlogger or a Podcaster with videos, We got you covered. Contact Us today with details about your project.


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